Significance of Jewellery

Significance of Jewellery

Jewellery has been a significant adornment for women since ages. Woman’s life can be judged from the number of jewellery gifts she receives on a variety of occasions in her life and how even the poorest of women possess some kinds of jewellery they can afford. Women’s adorning themselves with jewellery is not only a customary tradition, but also have many values attached to each and every jewellery piece worn by the women.

Why is Jewellery Important for Women?

Apart from increasing the beauty of women, jewellery is also considered to be a matter of great security during the financial crisis due to its good value.  To emphasize the feminism factor women wear jewellery made with precious metals such as gold, silver and diamonds. Traditionally, a good collection of jewellery symbolizes the power, good condition and immense wealth of the owner.

Jewellery and women share a deep bond because its value lies not only in traditions, but also in scientific terms. We need to understand the reason for every piece of jewellery adorned by women as it is deeply rooted in science. It would certainly increase our love and respect for Indian women’s jewellery.

Wide Variety of Jewellery Adorned by Women-

Jewellery designs are available in a wide variety, as each state has its own culture and jewellery is made accordingly to highlight the values of those traditions. Some of the most commonly used jewellery by women includes nose rings, necklace, earrings and bangles.

Nose ring:

Nose ring is definitely the most seductive jewel piece without which a married woman’s make up is considered incomplete. It forms an integral part of traditional bridal jewellery which has its conventional and scientific value. Aristocratic families get special nose rings created for the bride as it is considered the most suitable gem that can occasionally be worn.


Necklaces worn close to the heart are meant to control emotions and strengthen love. Wearing a necklace is believed to bind ourselves with their eternal powers. Since ancient times, necklaces, pendants, beaded wedges and elaborate ornamental collars were worn by women to bring good luck and keep the evil eye out. The necklace is also considered protective jewellery against hypnosis, as such attempts are successfully undermined. So, this neck ornament not only adds an exquisite look to a women’s beauty, but also acts as a powerful restraint against effects of evil charms on virtuous maidens.


Bangles, the word itself seem to fill one with the sweet and soft tinkling sound produced by it! Wearing bangles by any woman can be easily afforded whether poor or rich as it is available in almost all metals from highly precious ones to wooden bangles. The bangles are available in many attractive designs which make it even more stunning and a woman’s beauty is considered incomplete without ornamenting with it. As well as being an important ornament worn by a married woman, this ornament also has immense romantic and amorous connotations as well. The sound of a woman’s bracelets expresses her presence and desire to attract attention. Scientifically, it is known to increase a woman’s bloodstream and channel the energy flowing through her outer skin.

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